3 Desember 2010

Broadcom BCM4312 Driver on Fedora 14

Last night, while doing our partner's servers maintenance—remotely—I also helped to make the installation of Fedora 14 on my colleague's notebook. He use Compaq CQ40 notebook. Overall, Fedora 14 works great—WORKS OUT OF THE BOX—on this notebook, except one thing. The Broadcom BCM4312 wireless device. Uff!

But it does not mean we will leave this network device unused. No no No. Nah, by writing this post, I want to share how to activate the Compaq CQ40 built in Broadcom BCM4312 wireless device on Fedora 14. Here is how:

  • Follow the guide on how to installing the RPM Fusion Nonfree Repositories
  • Now open a Terminal, yap you have to switch to root environtment by using su - or sudo [command], do: yum install kmod-wl b43-fwcutter

That's all, now please reboot your notebook. After booting (and login), activate your wireless device by pressing the wireless button on the top of CQ40 dashboard (wait for the blue led on). Taraaam... give yourself a round of applause!

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Taufik Rahman mengatakan...

So nice to help somebody's trouble. I have the same kind of trouble about fedora 14, is not about the device doesn't work, but I don't have the Notebook yet. Pray together for me .....

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